Debunking 5 Common Myths About Collagen Supplements

Do you have more questions about collagen products and their effects? There are numerous myths surrounding powder, drinks, and other collagen supplements. Because of this, we’ve decided to debunk the top 5 myths about collagen supplements and give you tips on how to choose the best supplements for your specific case.

Myth 1: Collagen Molecules are too Big to Be Absorbed by Our Bodies

There are some medical professionals believe taking collagen doesn’t have any effect, saying the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the body.

There is some truth in this myth, as untreated collagen molecules are extremely large. They have an atomic mass of 300,000 Daltons, which means they’re too big to be absorbed by our bodies.

However, thanks to the process known as hydrolyzation, collagen molecules can be broken down into its basic components, which are amino acids and collagen peptides. Collagen peptides weight 5,000 Daltons, and consequently are readily available for absorption.

Our Taut® Premium Collagen Powder undergoes a hydrolyzation process to separate collagen into its basic components. Thanks to the hydrolyzed collagen molecules, your body will reap the benefits of taking a sachet on regular basis.

Myths About Collagen Supplements

Myth 2: Collagen Peptides Automatically Become Collagen Molecules in Your Skin

Many users assume that collagen supplements simply introduce the protein to your body. However, the best collagen powder brands use hydrolyzed molecules, resulting in smaller peptides and amino acids that are absorbed into your bloodstream.

When ingested orally, collagen peptides and amino acids are absorbed through the small intestine. They’re then transferred into the bloodstream and distributed throughout your body. Once they reach the dermis, these peptides stimulate fibroblasts that are in charge of producing collagen and elastin.

In addition to the above, Vitamin C has also proven to be an important cofactor, as it can speed up the collagen synthetisation process. So, instead of simply depositing collagen into your skin, Taut® Premium Collagen Powder encourages your body to start producing the protein on its own.
Myth 3: All Hydrolyzed Collagen is the Same
Note that collagen supplements may have the same words on their packaging, but they can be sourced from different animals. They can be produced from:

  • Cows (bovine)
  • Chickens
  • Pigs (porcine)
  • Fish (maritime)

It’s worth noting that fish collagen is the safest and purest form available for consumption today. Even though further research is required, there is no sign of collagen supplements side effects when taking an oral dose on a regular basis.

There are 28 known types of collagens in the human body, so always double check your supplement of choice before making a purchase.

Type I is the most predominant type in our body, and it’s what gives our skin its firmness and structural integrity. Type II collagen makes up most of our movable joints, making it a great alternative for people suffering from arthritis. Moreover, Type III collagen is the second-most abundant type in our bodies and it gives our skin its plump and cushioned feel.

If you’re looking to boost your skin’s appearance, you should always aim to find a supplement that contains at least 90% Type I collagen.

Myth 4: Taking Amino Acids will Have the Same Effect as Taking Hydrolyzed Collagen

Despite the fact that amino acids are the building blocks of all protein, replacing collagens with their basic components will not necessarily have the same effects.

Instead of consuming the basic elements, hydrolyzed collagen introduces complete peptides that are small enough to be absorbed and transferred all over your body.

This means that even though amino acids have powerful benefits, hydrolyzed collagen will offer a more effective solution for your health concerns.

Myth 5: Drinking or Consuming Collagen Doesn’t Help Reduce Wrinkles or Increase Elasticity

There are several controlled studies and clinical trials backing up the idea that collagen can help improve your skin’s appearance. Still, many consumers and medical professionals fail to acknowledge the efficiency of this protein. This is mainly due to misinformation or fear of modern techniques.

However, women across the world are turning to collagen drinks to help restore their skin’s youthful look. By taking Taut® Premium Collagen Powder on regular basis, you can encourage your body to start producing collagen and improve your skin’s complexity simultaneously.

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